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Hello, hello! I’m Olya.

I’m a digital business and
video content strategist.

Let’s get to know each other better.

Shall we?


What I know for sure is that you are amazing at what you do.

You get praised by your clients. People adore your work.

You also know that you need to step up and become visible for more clients and your audience. You are over hiding and looking at how other women do what you want to be doing.

You want to be independent of anyone and anything. You want to show yourself, your daughter and other women that it’s possible: do what you love and make money.

You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, comparing yourself to others without moving forward, procrastinating and feeling stuck. 

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I totally get you.
It’s scary to show up, to open up and be visible.

And here I meet you.

I base my approach on marketing strategy, productivity fundamentals and business knowledge that I obtained running my own online business and working across various industries including film, TV, commercials, fashion, real estate and accounting. I was privileged to work with some of the best startups and film/TV companies.

Some of them are: Bazmark Pty Ltd, Screentime, Channel 7 and Channel 9, Stylerunner.com, Pleasure State, Bondi Living and Ogilvy.


Instead of doubting what your next step should be - you’ll feel in control of your business and know exactly what needs to get done.
Instead of hiding and hoping your clients will find you, you will show up in all your glory in front of your potential clients.
Instead of wondering if your videos would work for your audience you’ll know exactly what videos to make and what to do with them to get the results you’re after.

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I believe that women can do and achieve absolutely anything
they put their mind to and their heart in.

I also believe that it’s not about hustling 24/7, but rather about deciding what we truly want. It’s about creating a plan that leads us towards those goals and following the steps.

I believe in the importance of self-care and staying healthy while working on your business.

Let’s explore how we can elevate your business and take it to the next level.

Here is what other people said about working with me:

“I felt heard and much more educated. I now have hope and clear direction on what I need to learn and do to have a successful YouTube channel. I feel excited to finally be on the YouTube journey for my business.”
Tina Cleary. Business Branding Photographer. United Kingdom

“Olya creates a comfortable environment with openness and enthusiasm. Her strong listening abilities creates wonderful guidance which is reflected by your own needs. Olya's sense of joy is infectious as you leave each session with a feeling of empowerment.”
Lauren Rowe. Founder of Gifted Life. Australia

My strengths include:

  • creating a strategy,

  • working closely with people and supporting them,

  • finding that diamond within that we make shine together and

  • making complicated things easy to understand.

I offer support, encouragement and accountability to my clients.

I am patient but firm and straightforward.
If you’re ready to make a commitment to make it happen in your business - I’m your lady.

Feel like we can be a good match? Book your 15-minute meet and greet call to get to know each other better and discuss your business goals.


Bonus extras.
10 fun facts.
Because we’re all human and this is how we connect.

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10 fun facts about me.

1.     I grew up in Estonia but have a Russian background and I now live in Australia.

2.     I was born with blue eyes, then they changed colour to brown and I was blond up until l was 3.

3.     I looove languages and am multi-lingual. I speak English, Russian and Estonian (ok, my Estonian is now far from being fluent). I can say at least a few words in German, Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish and Bahasa (Indonesian). At the moment I am studying Portuguese.

4.     I am a certified mat Pilates instructor with almost 10 years teaching experience.

5.     I’ve taken quite a few acting courses before I moved into working in production.

6.     I love dark raw chocolate and raw desserts.

7.     I play piano and I also enjoy drawing and painting.

8.     I love black and white photography.

9.     I have a degree in Economics and Accounting. Yes, I am good with numbers.

10.  I said: “I won’t be using it, it is too overwhelming” when my dad first showed me what the internet was.  

Let’s connect? I’m on Instagram and Facebook.