3 (REAL) reasons you didn't achieve the goals you really wanted.

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Do you have goals that you keep moving from one week to another week or month to another month or even year after year?

One of these goals for me was: do a right split. Ok. Nothing wrong with it. I wanted to be more flexible, I was already flexible enough and could do my left split but I couldn't do right.

So it was achievable and realistic for me and it was very specific. And yet... I moved this goal for (no kidding) for a few years.

And then I decided to do something different. I found a video: “How to do a split in 30 days” and I decided that I'll be doing it for 30 days every day. Guess what? Half way through I did my right split.

So here is

Reason number 1.
You set up a goal that does’t give you control over the outcome.

If, for example, you say: I want to have a $5000 month. Sure it's great to have a number put but how are you planning to achieve this $5000 month?

If you are a consultant, it may be that you need to sign up one client (if it is $5000 package) or 2 clients at $2500 or 10 at $500. Whatever it is, these are the numbers. And even then you're not yet in the power to complete your goals. But you totally are if you know that usually you can sign up 1 client out of 3 clients you spoke to. And usually 1 out of 3 people agree to talk to you.

Then you can calculate how many people you need to approach to have a conversation. That number is totally in your power. Of course these people are meant to be not just random people but people who would potentially be interested in what you have to offer.

Reason number 2.
You don't want to do the inner work.

I know I know, sounds almost woo-woo. But if, for example, you are afraid of being visible, if you think that having more clients will put a pressure on you and you will have to perform all the time not leaving much time for yourself. You will not do much to achieve that great success until you will be happy about this success and have positive emotions.

How to deal with this "stuff". There are different ways and I do teach several techniques to my clients. You can have a chat with me by booking a meet and greet session over here. This way we both meet each other and see if we could be a good fit to work on your business.

Reason number 3.

This one is one of the most important reasons why we don't achieve our goals.

You don't achieve your goals when they are not aligned with your vision.


If you've been following me for a while you heard this story before.

I was trying to set up my Pilates business. The idea was great, I had a niche, I knew that people buy Pilates courses, I created several courses and I had a pretty successful YouTube channel. But I still couldn't bring myself to promote my courses enough so people would know about them and buy them.

Yes, I did this exercise of writing what my ideal day looks like, what I want to do in a day and how all the pieces fit together. However I was trying to fit my current circumstances into my ideal life during this exercise.

Until one day... I wrote my ideal day just like I wanted it to be. The day that felt right in my body. There was no resistance to anything I wrote down.

And... there was not a word about Pilates.

There is so much noise in this world. We start thinking that someone else's goals are what we want. That someone else'e life is what we want but in fact... we don't.

There are commercials and ads on social media and people posting all these amazing things that seems to make them happy so we think that if we do the same - this will make us happy.

But often it doesn't work this way. Most of the time it doesn't.

Until you figure out who you really are and what you really want - you may be still getting stuck with achieving your goals, because, in fact, you don't want to achieve them.

Let’s summarise.

Here are the 3 three reasons that you don't achieve the goals you really want:

1. Your goals don't give you the power to achieve them.

2. You don't want to deal with the inner reasons why you're not achieving your goals.

3. Your goals are not aligned with your true vision.

So to achieve your goals in life:

  • make sure that your goals give you control over the outcome,

  • you have dealt with your inner reasons why you can’t/ don’t want achieve your goals and

  • your goals are aligned with your vision.

Your very first step: know what your true vision is.