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Do you keep standing in the washing machine?

Do you keep standing in the washing machine when heaven is 3 meters away? Help yourself to decide where you stand and if it’s worth to go through the washing machine.
One summer day morning I went to the beach for a swim with my boyfriend.
He had his surfboard with him and went for a quick paddle.
It was a beautiful, sunny day, but the waves weren’t good.

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How to find your Why and why it's important

Can’t get up and have no motivation for anything? Here is a one thing you would want to do to change such situation around. It’s simpler that you might think yet will help you to feel inspired and motivated to do what you want to achieve.

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5 simple steps to achieve what you want

We all have our own ways to achieve our goals. For some it’s having a morning routine and writing lists, for others it's starting their day with the run along the beach or in the park as soon as they are up followed by checking their emails during breakfast.

I’d like to share 5 of my tricks that always help me achieve what I aim for. I am curious if we have at least one of them in common.

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3 (REAL) reasons you didn't achieve the goals you really wanted.

Do you have goals that you keep moving from one week to another week or month to another month or even year after year? One of these goals for me was: do a right split.

Ok. Nothing wrong with it. I wanted to be more flexible, I was already flexible enough and could do my left split but I couldn't do right. So it was achievable and realistic for me and it was very specific. And yet... I moved this goal for (no kidding) for a few years. Here is reason number one.

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