Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is important no matter if you run a business or not. It will make a huge difference in your business and your life if you'll take care of yourself, your mind and your body.

Here are simple steps that I taught hundreds of my students no matter if they've been exercising for years or only starting out.

Learn how to activate and hold your T-zone on. It's the secret to getting your pelvic floor muscles stronger, improve your posture, getting flatter stomach, releasing your back pain and being able to do more challenging exercises sooner.

This is SO CRUCIAL and SO IMPORTANT that I explain this every time in my Pilates classes even if I have only one new person in the class.

Your life will change. Ok, maybe not your life but the way you sit, stand or walk. It's a feeling that is impossible to describe unless you do it yourself for yourself.


Once you know what the T-zone is and how to activate it, you'll aim to practice it daily. 

Follow this 5-minute Miracle Workout that is truly a miracle because the results are incredible.

This workout in combination with Invisible Workout are two things you should be practicing as often as you possibly can. I recommend a jump start of at least 21 days in the row to feel the difference. And I guarantee that you will feel the difference.


So you got to step 3. If you've done 2 first steps - amazing! If not - I totally get you. We don't have time for anything nowadays. Our span of attention continuously decreasing with the help of social media and myriad of apps that you can download on your phone, extensions you can add to your browser.

You want a quick taste of it feels to exercise. And this one is for you if one of your excuses of not exercising is that you don't have an appropriate sport wear.

Guess what - you don't need neither your change nor wear your snickers (runners if you are in Australia).

All you need is your body and Internet connection. You are reading this now - so you got both.


Yay, you've done it! Now you passed compulsory subjects you are welcome to make your own choices.

Pick what you'll do next



You might ask why should you trust me with your body when what I mostly teach on this website is about productivity and organising & structuring a business.

Well here is “why” in the nutshell: I am a certified Pilates instructor teaching since 2009. I am a huge yoga fan and a healthy lifestyle advocate (with occasional splurges of course. Seriously, I can't quit everything!) And this page is a new home of my  previous online business Pilates Online Academy. 

Olya Pilates Online Academy