T-Zone Secret

T-zone activation is the most important exercise you'll ever learn. Seriously. 
I can talk about the T-zone any time of the day because it's SO IMPORTANT. Unless you do what I am asking you to do with your T-zone and you'll practice it on a regular basis, I can't explain it to you how it feels when your T-zone is strong.
But I promise that you'll discover a whole different way to move if you do the do.

Watch a video below and practice it every day.
*Please note Pilates Online Academy doesn't have a website any longer. But it still has a YouTube Channel with all the workouts that were previously hosted on Pilates Online Academy. 

T-zone is not a medical term. It's a term used by the school I was trained as a Pilates instructor.
T-zone refers to your transversus abdominis muscles and your pelvic floor muscles. If you want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, improve your posture, release back pain and make your tummy flatter - learn how to T-zone.