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5 things to improve your morning and productivity

Looking for ideas on how to improve your morning and your productivity? Here are 5 things that can do just that. I’ll also share links to best morning workouts  for women to try at home.

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How to SCRUM and get things done

Here is a mini lesson on SCRUM method. It’s responsible for success of many businesses. Learn how to set it up, the 75% rule and all the basics of SCRUM in 15 minutes. One of the best methods I came across to get things done is SCRUM. I found out about it from the book SCRUM: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland.

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How to be x 3 more productive

I didn’t quite believe it and felt that maybe others can’t multitask but I am pretty special and great at it. The next thing I read: “yes, you think you are special and can do two or more things at the same time. But you can’t. Nobody can”. So what to do instead? Read more and download your time tracker template.

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