5 things to improve your morning and productivity

5 things to improve your morning and productivity

There are plenty of things you can do in the morning but these things will definitely improve how you feel in the morning and therefore will help you to stay focused and happy during the day. These will improve your productivity during the day as well.

1. Lemon water.

Start your day with a warm glass of “lemon water”. This will prepare your digestion for the breakfast ahead. Make sure it’s a warm water, you don’t want to shock your insides with a cold shower.

I find 1/4 or even 1/8 of a lemon is enough depending on how big the lemon is. Start with a small amount if you’re new to lemon water.

Alternatively you can also try an apple cider vinegar. And if don’t like either, at least have a glass of warm water. Sip slowly.

2. Exercise.

Exercising is important not only for your body but for your productivity and your mood.

Not a huge fan to exercise in the morning?  Stretch or do a Tibetan Rites or go for a walk see point 5) and exercise when you feel more energetic.

Pro tip: When I teach how to exercise I always mention about the T-zone.

Super important if you want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, release back pain or improve your posture.

You can learn how to T-zone over here.

You can also download a step by step guide as well.

Morning workouts for you to try:

Kaila Itsines (tough but you will get great results, just don't put too much pressure on yourself. Start slow and eventually you'll get there) - via the app "Sweat" (it also gives you meal plans if you are into meal plans).

When I don't feel like intense exercising I do Pilates or yoga and if I really really not feeling like doing anything, I do:

Tibetan Rites. I always add at least a few repetition of each exercise every morning regardless what I choose to do. Because they are super good good for you. Try them for yourself here.

I learned them from Vicky Vlachonis. She wrote an amazing book "The Body Doesn't Lie", the best book on body care I've ever read. She is also a osteopath and Gwyneth Paltrow is one of her clients.

One of my most favorite morning yoga wokeouts:

Wake Up Yoga - 15 minute yoga practice with Tara Stiles (amazing!).

3. Meditate or do some breathing.

If you’re new to meditation, try Mindful Daily app. It will teach you step by step all the basics.

If you are looking for some sounds to meditate, I like Tide app.

For those who is not ready for the meditation yet - try some mindful breathing. Mindful Daily app will teach you how to do this or what a video above for tips.

4. Journal / Morning Pages.

Journaling has many benefits, including improving your mood and increasing your productivity as a result.

I learned about morning pages (writing 750 words of everything that is in your head) from The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I like Penzu for journaling online.

You’ll be more productive and creative once all the random thoughts you have in your head end up on a piece of paper or you screen.

5. Go for a walk.

Without your mobile phone. It’s amazing! Even if it’s only for 3 minutes, get yourself outside, breathe some air and move your body.