3 Biggest mistakes even smart entrepreneurs make when organizing their business

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Organizing your business is an important task that will save you time and money. Effective organization means you’ll finally have a business that can run on autopilot instead of needing you to support your business all the time.

Here are the most common mistakes to avoid when you want to organise and structure your business.

Mistake #1: Waiting for the perfect moment.

You can find so many reasons to delay the process of getting more organized and structured: I’ll do it when my company is bigger, when I decide to outsource, hire staff, when I have more time...

Guess what? You won’t have more time until you organize your business!

The more you wait, the more time you waste.

Once you come up with a plan and have a picture of what you’re trying to achieve - you can create an implementation plan (for example, in Trello) and start organising your business step by step.

Be honest with yourself and ask this question: Am I too busy to sharpen the saw?

Mistake #2: Starting without the end in mind.

Just trying to get bits and pieces done without understanding why you’re doing them and what you’re trying to achieve is a waste of your time and will make you even more resistant to being productive.

Spend some time thinking about and developing your bigger picture. What will it look like when your business works just the want you want it to?

Another useful practice to understand what needs to be more structured and organized is to write down everything you do during the week. What needs to get done for your business to function normally? This will become part of your implementation plan.

Mistake #3: Ignoring available tools and software.

There are great tools available to organize your business and make the whole process easier. Do not ignore them.

Yes, there is a learning curve but if you pick something like Trello, an amazing project management tool, it will be totally worth in the end.

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