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The quickest way I know to get your financial records in order

As entrepreneurs we do need to keep our financial records in order. Not only for our taxes but for ourselves as well. Knowing your numbers, such as your revenue, expenses and your profit, will show you what position you currently and how healthy your business is.

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5 things to improve your morning and productivity

Looking for ideas on how to improve your morning and your productivity? Here are 5 things that can do just that. I’ll also share links to best morning workouts  for women to try at home.

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3 Biggest mistakes even smart entrepreneurs make when organizing their business

Organizing your business is an important task that will save you time and money. Effective organization means you’ll finally have a business that can run on autopilot instead of needing you to work in the business all the time. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid when you want to organise and structure your business.

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How to find your Why and why it's important

Can’t get up and have no motivation for anything? Here is a one thing you would want to do to change such situation around. It’s simpler that you might think yet will help you to feel inspired and motivated to do what you want to achieve.

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5 simple steps to achieve what you want

We all have our own ways to achieve our goals. For some it’s having a morning routine and writing lists, for others it's starting their day with the run along the beach or in the park as soon as they are up followed by checking their emails during breakfast.

I’d like to share 5 of my tricks that always help me achieve what I aim for. I am curious if we have at least one of them in common.

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How to be x 3 more productive

I didn’t quite believe it and felt that maybe others can’t multitask but I am pretty special and great at it. The next thing I read: “yes, you think you are special and can do two or more things at the same time. But you can’t. Nobody can”. So what to do instead? Read more and download your time tracker template.

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